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TCM Netherlands

With the growth of the global market while increasing competition and it is often essential to be physically in the country where it does business to attend. Operations are moved abroad more often. Because companies with their feet still in the Netherlands, is also being taken from the Netherlands and after delivery forthcoming payment. Then it appears that language problems, lack of knowledge about laws and regulations, cultural differences and even the time difference collecting bills any easier to make. There is no coordinated legislation in the area of ​​payments between countries within Europe. Even between countries within the same language area. This knowledge has the philosophy of TCM Group International Ltd helped shape: work from the country in which the debtor is located, with the people of that country. This process has profound implications, the collection performance improves tremendously. Within our offices are about 4,500 employees at your disposal. Together they solve each year around 14.5 million debt problems. Realizing your goal is our challenge. And no challenge is too great or too small! We make no distinction between small enterprises, an international company and a nonprofit organization. We have traditionally done for everyone.
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