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About TCM Nederlands

TCM Netherlands is one of the specially selected credit management agencies of TCM Group international. Divided over the most economic regions in the world, we are able to collect your unpaid invoice worldwide. In more than 170 countries, TCM’s offices find solutions to complex payment problems on a daily basis. This makes TCM Netherlands unique in the Netherlands.

Why do I choose TCM Netherlands?


Fixed rates

You always know where you stand. This is due to the uniform rates with our TCM partners

No result? No commission!

You do not pay any commission if we are unable to get your invoice paid.

English contact person

You can simply communicate with us in English. You have your own contact person. We take care of the contact with our TCM partners. We make it easy!

Secure data exchange

Your data is in safe hands. TCM Netherlands communicates with other TCM partners via a secure portal.

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We have the largest debt collection network

Every country has its own laws and regulations. That is why it is often difficult to go after your money yourself.

Debt collection worldwide; how do we do it?

Debt collection abroad

TCM Netherlands has been part of TCM Group international since 2005. Since that year, TCM Netherlands has been the only one in the Netherlands to be able to collect receivables locally via this unique network.

Founded in 1987, TCM Group international is the largest group of credit management organizations working together worldwide. Law firms, collection agencies and credit offices work with their 8,800 employees on your receivables every day.

With almost four decades of experience, we understand better than anyone how important knowledge of international debt collection legislation is. It often involves complex issues, legislation and cultural aspects.

All TCM Group members endorse the Code of Compliance. This code is reviewed annually during the general meeting. The Code of Compliance describes, among other things, membership conditions, general and legal conduct, ethics and confidentiality, enforcement and rules regarding money laundering.

TCM Group conducts an annual survey in which quality and performance are mutually assessed. TCM Netherlands has been one of the top 5 best performing offices for years.

All reasons to have your unpaid invoice collected by TCM Netherlands.


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